I know I mentioned the possibility of doing a video for this blog,

but with the semester winding down and business picking up in my schoolwork, I’m lucky to be able to write this with the 3 or 4 hours I have left before it’s SHOWTIME (more on that in a bit). Anyway, there’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get started!

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, a WWE PPV is FREE! It’s not free for me, but that’s only because I’ve been experiencing the beauty of the WWE Network since August, but for those who haven’t realized just how awesome it is, the entire month of November has been free and tonight’s show should serve as the culmination of that promotion. From the rumors of Sting showing up, the potential debut of the Kofi/Big E/Woods repackaged faction, and the return of Fandango and Bad News Barrett, the potential of Team Authority losing power just becomes icing on the cake.

KICKOFF: Fandango vs. TBA

As crazy as it sounds, even though Fandango is the name being advertised for this match on the pre-show, I feel like this might be a spot where we could see a debut or a return. Not sure what exactly is going on here. They are promoting the dancer as a “new and improved” Fandango, so this could be a renewed push for him toward the IC or US titles, but I’m not even sure what he’s doing. He has been gone for a while, so he could easily fall to someone newer and someone better. It wouldn’t be the first time someone has come out badder and better only to play victim to the real deal that we’re supposed to take notice of.

On the flip side, Fandango could be taken seriously at any time. The guy is great. I loved his work as The Creep Johnny Curtis. Just like Adam Rose, these flashy characters need chances to develop and show a side that more fans can relate to. Fandango could score a win here tonight, especially if his opponent is Adam Rose. I could easily see Fandango’s opponent being Adam Rose, who gets one last distraction from The Bunny. Fandango wins and Rose goes rabbit hunting, then during the show we get some hilarious comedy between Rose and the Bunny before something happens involving Kane and the Authority stress causes him to book a match between Rose and the Bunny for later in the night.

WINNER: Fandango

Regarding the Kickoff, I almost wouldn’t be surprised if Bad News Barrett was actually announced as Fandango’s opponent, but since that’s not confirmed, I’m not gonna speculate…outside of the possibility of hilarious hi-jinks between Adam Rose and the Bunny.

(Center to far left) Natayla, Alicia Fox, Naomi, and Emma go into battle against the team of Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae and Layla (Center to far right) at the 28th Annual Survivor Series

Natalya, Alicia Fox, Naomi, and Emma vs. Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae, Layla – Traditional 4v4 Survivor Series Elimination Match

I feel like it’s so good to see women in these types of matches because it means they are being taken seriously as competitors. Many years in the past the ladies have either gotten an elimination match, gotten a one fall match, or maybe not even gotten a big match like this at all. It makes me happy to see that these rough and tumble types of matches are not left exclusive to the men.

With that said, while this match was announced after Raw some time last week, it’s not so easy to tell how this one is going to turn out. Paige has been on a roll lately, but on her side, I don’t see too many people who have been prominently featured lately on Monday Night Raw. I mean Alicia Fox has had her problems with Paige, and Natalya has actually been in a story with her husband (I won’t call it a feud until they have a match against each other which I feel like could totally happen and I’d love to see it) and recently she came across Summer Rae and Layla so those two could get honorable mentions here, but past those names Emma, Naomi, and Cameron haven’t really done anything at all on television. Nevertheless, this is the pay-per-view of the month. This is where beef ends in one place only to start somewhere else. This is the time to get noticed.

With that said, I could see Natalya getting the win or loss here. Natalya has a way of even making losing feel important for her character, which is really good for the role model that she is. I also think that neither a loss nor a win would be noticed be Tyson backstage. At the end of the day, I gotta look at who I could see standing tall at the end of the match, the sole survivors. Out of these teams, I see more resistance coming from Paige’s side than Natalya’s. They could easily surprise me and I wouldn’t care because this will be entertaining either way.

WINNERS: Natalya’s Team (Sole Survivor: Natalya, Alicia Fox)

4 teams and only one set of championship. This could be messy. (From Left to Right): The Miz and Damien Mizdow, Goldust and Stadust (champions), Los Matadores (w/ El Torito), The Usos

WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS (Fatal 4 Way): Gold & Stardust (C) vs. The Usos vs. Los Matadores vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow

I really wish this match could be an elimination match, but with most of the rest of the card looking like they could go for 20 minutes easy, and this match even at one fall could do just the same, I guess a one fall match will be fine.

As with many multi-player matches, it really comes down to one or two of the main players to really focus on for any considerable amount of time. In this match, my focus in on the current champions and Miz and Mizdow. The current champions could take this one away no problem because their title reign has only really just started. Miz and Mizdow deserve a run as tag team champions in my opinion before things get rocky or before Miz can stop looking at himself long enough to see that Mizdow is getting all of the attention, but the Bizzare Brothers have only held the gold for about two month now and an argument could be made that they’ve only just gotten started on their run as tag team champions. The only reason I’m ruling out Los Matadores is because they have only just started making a claim for the tag team titles and they just don’t feel like very strong competitors. They could get a run with the gold in the future, but at this juncture, I just don’t see them posing any major threats. Same goes for Usos. They’re fascinating to watch, but they’re still coming off the title run they had. They’re important to the tag division and they still deserve to be in the hunt, but they’ve cooled down a lot. The hot acts are the current champions or the most deserving contenders, Miz and Mizdow. One of the teams I’ve essentially ruled out could take the titles and shock the world. Like I’ve said, this is the time and place to get noticed. Miz and Mizdow have already been getting noticed, and that’s why they are in a top spot right now in my mind. At the end of the day though, Damien had a tag team (with Cody Rhodes as a matter of fact) that looked really strong. They even won a tag team championship match (by DQ) but they didn’t get the gold. Then at the next Money in the Bank pay-per-view, Cody was really close to the briefcase only to lose it to Sandow in a turn on Sandow’s part. They had an entertaining feud come out of that and I loved watching them complement each other in the ring. We could see something like that come from Miz and Mizdow, however I really think this one could go another way. I’d love to see Miz kinda refuse to tag in Mizdow the whole time and then Mizdow tags himself in and takes the win with or without Miz wanting it to go down like that. These guys could hold the belts all of 5 minutes for all I care. I just want to see these guys take the titles!

WINNERS: The Miz and Damien Mizdow

If any match on the 2014 Survivor Series card could steal the show, it’s this match right here. The future is now in WWE! Dean Ambrose (Left) vs. Bray Wyatt (Right)

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

This match is going to blow the roof off the place tonight! There are parts of me looking forward to this match more than the main event. To those parts, this match IS the main event. The words exchanged between these two men have been personal. Bray brings up Dean’s incarcerated father, and Dean spats back that his mother taught him how to live on the streets by giving him brass knuckles. This is a knock-down array of fisticuffs and I couldn’t be more happy that it is being brought to us LIVE on pay-per-view.

Back in October, Bray sort of vanished from television without a trace. Throughout the month, we got news that Bray had released his Wyatt Family brethren into the wilds of WWE (more on that below). Bray Wyatt is now a solo act who is still hellbent on spreading his doctrine of dismay across the entire WWE Universe. There’s one man who can match toe-to-toe on the level of crazy with Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose. Like Daniel Bryan back in January, Bray Wyatt has been targeting Dean Ambrose telling him not only to follow the buzzards, but to find the light. Bray Wyatt believes that Dean Ambrose can learn from him and become a better person by joining him. It all began when Bray Wyatt inserted himself into the conclusion of the Hell in a Cell main event match between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, more or less putting the Dean/Seth feud that ruled the Summer on a pause of sorts, and now tonight, the haunting and taunting between Dean and Bray comes to a head as they clash for the first time one-on-one under traditional sanctioned match rules. This story has only written it’s first chapter. I don’t think and definitely do not hope that this is a one-off thing. These guys could have an amazing table match at TLC next month, but only time will tell what happens. For now, I really see this as a return for Bray Wyatt. Dean Ambrose is hotter than many superstars I’ve seen in a while. To have Bray Wyatt come in a blaze of glory and lose would just snuff everything. Dean can lose a battle only to fight back and win the war. Nevertheless, Bray Wyatt did score “first blood” on Dean Ambrose coming out of Hell in a Cell, so the argument could be made that this is Dean’s revenge for that. Regardless of its outcome, I’m SO EXCITED for this clash to happen, and I can’t wait to see who comes out on top. I’ll be rooted for both guys. This match will be the true definition of survival.

WINNER: Bray Wyatt

Nikki Bella has only two more days with Brie as her personal assistant, but tonight she challenges AJ Lee for the Diva’s Championship.

WWE Diva’s Championship: AJ Lee (C) vs. Nikki Bella (w/ Brie Bella)

I’ve been watching WWE TV for about 12 years now (give or take), and I can honestly say I’ve never looked forward to so many women’s title match during one calender year until 2014. These ladies are so good at what they do, and I’m more than happy to lend my support or watch them show what they’re capable of in the ring.

While the Bella storyline has received critique from some of the smark fans, I’ve enjoyed it for the most part. Some of the individual segments have been more or less hard to watch sometimes, but that may just be that they are groomed for reality television and that’s just not my forte. Anyway, ever since Nikki beat Brie at Hell in a Cell to make Brie her “personal assistant” for 30 days, I’ve said that Nikki is going after the title and with Brie’s help Nikki is going to become WWE Divas Champion. Once Brie is free from her duties as “CinderBella”, I could see Brie taking the title away from Nikki. I think it would be damn near magical for the Bella Twins to get that kind of moment at Wrestlemania. Nikki vs. Brie FOR the Divas Championship at Wrestlemania 31….and I just keep getting excited for these women’s championship matches. AJ has had her title in this current reign just as long as Gold and Stardust. Just like Gold and Stardust, I feel like AJ is well-established with or without the title. Just like Gold and Stardust, the story lends toward a challenger taking the titles. Just like Gold and Stardust, AJ Lee will lose her title at Survivor Series.

WINNER: Nikki Bella

The Main Event: Team Cena (From Left: Ryback, Eric Rowan, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, and John Cena) vs. Team Authority (From Right: Luke Harper, Mark Henry, Rusev, Kane, Seth Rollins). If The Authority loses, they are out of power. If Team Cena loses, everyone on Cena’s team (except Cena) is fired.

Team Cena (Ryback, Rowan, Show, Ziggler, and Cena) vs. Team Authority (Harper (Intercontinental Champion), Henry, Rusev (United States Champion), Kane, and Rollins) – Traditional 5v5 Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match (If The Authority loses, they will be out of power, If Team Cena loses, everyone but Cena will be fired)

This match has taken so many twists and turns before coming to fruition. At one point Sheamus was in the mix and Rowan wasn’t. At one point, Rowan wasn’t even on TV until a few weeks ago after being set free by Bray Wyatt, same for Harper. Ryback wasn’t either but he came back in a big way. Both of these teams are so well put-together it’s going to be difficult to say for sure who wins, especially with so much on the line.

Each man in this match has someone they really don’t like on the other side. For Cena that man is Seth Rollins. Any time Cena cannot directly address Brock Lesnar or the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he has to deal with the Authority and mostly that means dealing with Seth Rollins who really crossed the line with the 15 time World Champion when he tried to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Brock Lesnar in the middle of Cena’s rematch at Night of Champions in September. Now that Cena is #1 Contender again after beating Randy Orton in a Hell in a Cell match last month, his sights are back on Rollins as The Authority continues to try getting Cena on their side. If Cena beats Brock Lesnar at the end of their next matchup, then the Authority will have the WWE Champion in their pocket. If Cena doesn’t want to play by their rules, Rollins will always be there to try to take the title anyway through that Money in the Bank loophole. This is why Cena is always crossing paths with The Authority in Lesnar’s downtime, and I love it. What better way than to get the monkey off Cena’s back? “If The Authority loses, they’ll no longer be The Authority.” The Authority have been around for a while now and I do believe that it’s prime time to shake up the power structure in WWE. I don’t see how Triple H could lose his position as COO and Stephanie McMahon can’t just lose principal ownership of the company her father practically built from what he got from his father, but as far as matchmaking goes, this could be the best time to remove the power from the power couple of the century.

Elsewhere in this contest, we have Dolph Ziggler who had been getting picked on and targeted week in and week out by The Authority, specifically matchmaker Kane, who put Ziggler in many, many gruesome matches across both Raw and Smackdown including what I counted as at least 3 or 4 title defenses over the last 4 to 5 weeks, one of which was a triple threat elimination match. He also faced Kane himself in a non-title steel cage match. All the while, Harper began haunting Ziggler with creepy promos.  All of the bullying came to a head when Dolph Ziggler ended up losing his Intercontinental Championship to Luke Harper. He got attacked by Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury of the Authority before the match even started, but refused to quit. After Harper connected with his discus clothesline, it was all over.

Likewise, Rusev has been climbing the ladder in WWE while deferring to Russia as a born and bred Bulgarian under the tutelage of Lana. One of his toughest challengers was Big Show, who supported his friend Mark Henry as Henry defended America against Rusev only to lose twice. From there, Henry turned on Big Show saying that he found pleasure in watching Big Show lose just like he did. Now Henry is teaming with Rusev in what I can only describe as a “if you can’t beat them, join them” move. He’s not directly aligned with Rusev personally, but he and Rusev both know where their paychecks come from.

While Henry and Big Show spawned a feud of their own, Rusev’s crusade to promote Russia across America led him to crossing paths with the Irish Immigrant United States Champion in the form of Sheamus. Those two men had an amazing match in the first post-Raw title defense to ever air live on the WWE Network. In the end, Rusev would lock Sheamus in his Acollade submission maneuver and Sheamus would pass out. The ref called the match and awarded Rusev the championship. Sheamus joined Team Cena, but Sheamus would then end up hurt at the hands of Mark Henry after an attack from Henry and Rusev on him and Big Show following a match between Sheamus and Big Show booked by Stephanie McMahon on last Monday’s Raw.

Going back to the paychecks, Ryback returned to the ring after an absense back to his former glory of raking up wins. Ryback was set to face John Cena in England, but not before The Authority made a claim to get him on their team. Ryback thought about joining Team Authority simply because you don’t cross the boss. Over the course of the night, Kane and Ryback had a bit of a clash, and that clash would lead Ryback to leave Team Authority without officially pledging allegiance to either side. Ryback did eventually come to the side of Team Cena, but not for John Cena. Ryback is still on Team Ryback…whatever that means.

Eric Rowan joins Team Cena in the absence of Sheamus. Eric Rowan has history with Luke Harper as a brother in the Wyatt Family. He hasn’t had enough time to really get noticed or have a specific place in the story, but I think this is good. It’s always good to have fresh blood in the top spots.

Saying all of that to say this, I REALLY have no idea as to who will win this match. I’ve given all of you the backstory that you need. At the end of the night, I have to go with my gut and right now, my gut says that The Authority will lose power by Wrestlemania, but if it happens Sunday that would be SO shocking!

WINNERS: Team Authority (Sole Survivors: Seth Rollins, Rusev)

So much is going on with this year’s Survivor Series. Team Authority are desperate to keep their power. Whatever happens at the end of the night, I know I’ll be entertained! I can’t wait to see what happens next, and I won’t have to wait much longer. Survivor Series airs LIVE and FREE on WWE Network beginning with the Kickoff Show at 7pm.

I gotta go. I’m so hungry and I need a shower. So much to do – so little time! See you on The Network….