This blog should be about a lot more than WWE wrestling pay-per- view reactions or various games I play. I know I pride myself on being “the playful oasis at the end of your stressful day”, but that’s not everything I can bring to the table. Sometimes I like to spark conversation and share my opinion on more pressing issues because while playtime is fun, there’s also a time to consider what’s going on around us. We shouldn’t obsess over these things, but we also shouldn’t completely ignore it either.

The following response to the Hobby Lobby controversy began as a comment on Facebook, so I decided to share it here as well:

If we try to force someone or a company to support something that person or company doesn’t want to it’s unfair either way. I’m making a debate against debating. That’s where I said on it. I disagree with the man/woman double standard here, but that’s not just Hobby Lobby, that’s everywhere.

Why should a business or a person, from either side of the argument, have to support anything he or she doesn’t want to? Anyone involved in a debate like this is going to do to the other side what they feel the other side is doing to them: impose their side on the other and feel better for it because at least they get what they want. Nobody can win. One way or the other, one side is going to come out superior, and how is that fair for anyone? I’m not trying to sound like I’m taking sides here, but I’m against either side if both are voicing that anyone should be forced to accept something that they feel convicted against supporting. I guess that’s my ideology. I’m not exactly sure what I support these days because until anyone saying anything about any kind of social issue can do it without completely bashing the ones who disagree with it, I’m always going to side with the victim. You might think your side is the victim, but I think both sides of any argument that dissolves to name-calling or public smearing as opposed to the actual definition of freedom is wrong. It may not be fair for a company to not provide something for the company, but I also don’t think it’s fair for that company to be vilified or it. This applies to anything that involves a social issue. All I ever see are how the conservative side get beaten and bashed by the liberal populous just because that seems like the right thing to do, then the conservative populous bounces back with jagged retorts of their own. It’s all a mess and no one is seeing from the other side anymore. How can anyone declare belief in progress or equality or balance or fairness when that’s not what they want. The endgame is not balance because the endgame cannot be balance. One side is always going to have to bite their tongue and accept the reality as it is and that’s why either side has to result to law just to push their agenda and make it stick. It’s the same story with the gay marriage debate, the feminist debate, or any other debate where neither side will be satisfied until the other side is silenced. It’s all stupid because true equality, direct fairness, and absolute balance can never be achieved because in a “A vs B” debate of ideals, the opposition is so vastly combative, neither side will ever be able to co-exist harmoniously.

The strongest plank in the platform of equality was carved from a lie.

So what’s your take on my take: Agree? Disagree? The floodgates are now open. Operators are standing by…