“So this is what it must feel like to live inside a tablet of LSD,” I wondered aloud as I entered the place.

Violet, emerald, and crimson beams shot from left to right and back again, danced and flashed with the beats alongside dancers who donned themed costumes. Never had I seen so many scantly-clad elves, angels, and “sex kittens” in one room.

I stayed along the wall, figuring the exterior ring to the be the safest place. I wasn’t here to succumb to the seductions of a sultry succubus. I was here on business. Pleasure would be postponed…




I’m thinking this could be the start of something cool or at least an excerpt once it fleshes out. if you have any suggestions or would like to contribute to the story, I’d appreciate any and all ideas. I might even use parts of the best comments, so please leave your thoughts below and stay tuned.