WWE Tag Team Championships Match: 
     The New Age Outlaws winning was something I not only saw coming, but welcomed. For The Brotherhood to lose the titles, they had to lose them to a team with tremendous credibility from the start. Losing to the Usos would have had to take place in a multi-team match and it would have to involve some crazy finish. The Real Americans couldn’t take the titles off of Goldust and Cody because they had to be used to build the reigns of The Brotherhood in the first place. It had to be a team from the woodwork. Who’s left to beat the champs? Oh you didn’t know? They called somebody and Road Dogg and Billy Gunn picked up the phone the only way they know how….I thought that match was great. Goldust has been doing WWE so many favors since coming back. The guy is crazy good even after all these years and the same can be said of the Outlaws. I marked for their win. Now as the heel champions, I could totally see them carrying through Mania as something of a farewell tour before giving the gold over to The Usos at Mania. The Outlaws are also good because if they could keep going after Mania they could essentially turn face again on a dime and feud with the Real Americans and give Zeb’s squad a chance to run with the gold. I support this match and its outcome all the way.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt:
    This feud I’ve been seeing for weeks as WWE’s return to some serious back-in-the-day storytelling. Bryan joined the family when he thought he had nowhere else to go, then he turns back around and bests Bray in the cage after they lose to The Usos (which is why I feel like The Usos will win the tag titles sooner than later). Bryan reportedly received a concussion that might have put this match at risk of not actually happening. At the PPV, that concussion would come back to haunt Bryan (according to commentary), this match did wonders for Bray as a performer period. Heel or face doesn’t matter. Bray Wyatt is making it and he is a name you better get used to hearing because he is here to stay. Daniel Bryan as a performer did him some major favors. Bryan’s lose isn’t exactly a loss. Bryan did what Bryan does best and that’s make everyone in that ring with him look good- maybe even better than they ever looked before or could ever look again. Bray Wyatt looked amazing in that match. My favorite spot has to be when Bryan went for the Suicide Dive and Bray not only caught him but hit Sister Abigail into the barricade. Talk about impressive. Those guys really did steal the show. Bravo is all I have to say there.

Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show:
     This match was the first part of the main show where I started to deviate from the public opinion. Many people I saw on Twitter were giving this result a hard time because Lesnar used the chair and looked like he couldn’t get the job done without help from Heyman or the chair. Can you blame him? For 3 weeks, Brock Lesnar could get past Big Show without being thrown or dumped across or out of the ring by Big Show himself. It may not have been a very clean win, but since when has Brock Lesnar carried himself in any clean manner? His first match back in about 8 years was an Extreme Rules match against Cena that was more or less a beatdown by Lesnar with every weapon they had. Nevertheless, while he did use a chair for most of the match – and even afterward as well – he still managed to not only lift Big Show for an F5, but he also WALKED around the ring while carrying the near 500 pounder! How can anyone call him a wuss, whimp, or finding the easy way out when he shows brute strength like that?!? Brock Lesnar is a brutal man-beast and he is hungry for a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Big Show was just an appetizer.

Randy Orton vs. John Cena (WWE World Heavyweight Championship):
    I would like to blame Randy Orton for the “Boring” chant during that match because Cena hasn’t had one as consistently since Survivor Series as Orton has. I’m not trying to defend Cena or anything. He’s had his less than stellar moments, but tonight’s match was not one of those nights. He had his A-game on just like Money in the Bank 2011. You can always tell Cena means business by the look on his face. He carried himself differently here and I loved seeing that side of Cena. This match wasn’t traditional in the sense of building up to the finisher moment. It wasn’t even a “5 Moves of Doom” contest for Cena, which also added to its majesty. It was two of the largest titans in WWE today clashing for the grandest prize in the company. They hit their own finishers multiple times and were even forced to adopt their opponent’s moves in hopes of putting that guy away once and for all. In the end, it was neither the efforts of John Cena nor Randy Orton who could deal the deciding blow. Instead it was the insertion Bray Wyatt and his family’s taunting toward their new target, John Cena who would provide the distraction The Viper needed to take advantage and seal the deal at least for now, but with Brock Lesnar doing what he does best right before this match, and the Rumble of 30 men ready to earn a shot at Orton at Wrestlemania up next, the current champion wasn’t all too keen to stick around Pittsburgh very much longer. He bailed, and the story of this match was absolutely brilliant. Titans go right for the crushing blows because they are massive titans. It wasn’t supposed to be pretty, but I really think that the “IWC” puts WAY too much pressure on today’s product to be like what they grew up with..and it’s just not. Sometimes you have to be able to look at something with fresh eyes to truly appreciate it. Cena will never be Hogan, but that doesn’t mean he absolutely sucks.

Royal Rumble Match:
   I’m just going to cut right to the chase here. For the most part, this Rumble was like a lot of the other Rumbles in the past. One main guy goes the distance. A youngster looks good. Matches are built toward Wrestlemania. The part I really want to get into is at the entrance of #30. I’m not opposed to people having opinions. By all means, I have my own opinions and I’m about to share them, so people are entitled to opinions, but by all means Rey Mysterio DID NOT deserve the treatment he received in Pittsburgh on Sunday. They booed him louder than I’ve ever heard anyone boo Rey Mysterio in my life…and why? Because he’s not Daniel Bryan? HOW STUPID!!! They booed the whole match from that point forward as if they knew who was going to win. The final four went exactly as I expected. Punk was eliminated by Kane. Sheamus was eliminated by Reigns who was eliminated by Batista. Batista also didn’t deserve the reception he received at the conclusion of the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE didn’t use this to their advantage. Batista getting booed just like the Rock did in 2003 when he returned from his first movie break. They used that and turned The Rock faster than anyone knew what could happen. I’d love for Batista to win the title and turn heel just because the fans turned on him first. I enjoy seeing Batista again. The Epic Journey of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson DVD set really opened my eyes to the approach of a guy being able to try movies or pursue other interests and come back to wrestling. Should we expect Hercules to live in a shack when he returns to Earth from Mount Olympus? If someone has put years into a career, has won Rumbles in the past, or been champion several times before they walk away, why shouldn’t they be expected to pick up right where they were when they stepped away only briefly to pursue other things. If you are reading a book and want to make a sandwich, do you start the book over once you return to it days later? Of course not. That’s exactly how it is with guys like Batista or The Rock. As for “Why didn’t Roman Reigns win that match?” It is very simple. Baggage. Roman Reigns has baggage. Before Shawn Michaels made a name for himself, he had to drop Jennetty. Before The Rock could become electrifying, he had to secede from the Nation. Before Batista could take his first World Heavyweight Championship, he had to sever ties with Evolution. Roman Reigns is becoming a mega star set to supernova, but he has to change his beliefs when it comes to the Shield. We got a glimpse of that in the Rumble match, but it’s just getting started. I predict that Roman will take the United States title off of Dean (unless they unify it with the Intercontinental any time soon) and carry that into Money in the Bank. Roman Reigns is an excellent candidate for Money in the Bank this year. His growth will continue, but only when he is his own man will he be able to exceed potential and become a proven superpower.

     I give it a solid 8/10. This was an amazing card that only built toward tomorrow’s Raw, next month’s Elimination Chamber, and, of course April’s Wrestlemania XXX. I’ve said this since June 2013: Right now is the BEST time to be a fan of WWE. I don’t remember ever being as enthralled as I am now. I’m so excited to see what comes next!