Extreme Rules 2013


PRESHOW: The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes

Two things go into choosing a winner in this low-plugged match:

1. The Miz just came back from filming a movie, according to Michael Cole. 

2. Anytime commentary talks about Miz. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett seems to be on the app doing an interview…I sense a title feud will continue into Payback next month and The Miz can’t possibly pursue that with a loss in the May PPV slot.



Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

In this Wrestlemania rematch, Chris Jericho hasn’t been beaten on the dance floor (due to an injury Fandango’s dancer Summer Rae suffered during the Dance-Off on Monday Night Raw) but instead he has been beaten WITH the dance floor. Fandango looked strong in his in-ring debut on the Grandest Stage of Them All and he will continue to look strong heading to Kansas City, Missouri, the site of Raw come Monday, May 20, 2013- the night after The Ballroom Brawler proves once again that the Era of Dance scores a perfect 10 at Extreme Rules.



UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP: Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose

I have really nothing much to say about this match, except for the fact that now I know why Cesaro dropped the title in April. Since the inception of The Shield back in November, the “Hounds of Justice” have been impressive to me. They are a force to be reckoned with, especially for a group of three heels. They are easily the strongest villains in the company today. After looking at the names they have gone through since they first emerged during the WWE Championship match at Survivor Series (Ryback, John Cena, The Rock, The Undertaker, Kane…), it is easy to see that these men mean business, and their business is fighting injustice. I believe in The Shield and I believe Dean Ambrose will walk out of St. Louis as the new WWE United States Champion.



Randy Orton vs. Big Show (Extreme Rules Match)

This match has possibly gotten less coverage than the pre-show in recent weeks. The Big Show managed to sneak not only the match but the stipulation into conversation with Randy Orton on Smackdown, but there is very little push save for the inclusion of the two in last Friday’s six man tag team match (which happened to single-handedly pull me into the entire pay-per-view in a matter of minutes, wishing it could air on Saturday if not sooner). Nevertheless, with Orton’s pinfall victory in that match and the fact that Extreme Rules emanates from Orton’s hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, I can’t any reason not to lean toward The Viper on this one.



TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS: Team Hell No vs. The Shield- Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns (Tornado Tag Team Match)

As previously stated above, I believe in The Shield. While I may have more faith in Dean Ambrose than Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins is there to ensure sweet victory for the rebels from NXT. Team Hell No have had a healthy run as Tag Team Champions but it is time for some fresh blood to hold those titles. 244 days is long enough. Any longer would be an injustice…and we all know who handles that. The Shield haven’t lost yet and they won’t start now.



Sheamus vs. Mark Henry (Strap Match)

This match is the main event in my opinion and with Sheamus on the promotional poster of the event, I’d say it should be. This all started with Henry and Sheamus tackling each other backstage. Then that evolved into tug of war and arm wrestling before becoming what Extreme Rules is all about: The Strap Match! The Strap Match is one of my favorite stipulations of all-time (beside anything involving a table) in WWE History. It is such a unique concept with an unorthodox style of securing a victory, I am looking forward to seeing the match regardless of who is in it, but once the two behemoths are considered…that just makes me want to see this more! Sheamus hasn’t been very close to the World Heavyweight Championship since mid to late 2012 during his epic wars with the Big Show before Show lost the strap to Del Rio in a Last Man Standing match. Mark Henry however was so close to the WWE Championship following his Wrestlemania victory over Ryback, he was one win away from becoming #1 Contender, so the World’s Strongest Man certainly has a chip on his shoulder in that regard. I have always enjoyed seeing Mark Henry induct many a superstar into the Hall of Pain and since his most recent return to action, there is nothing more entertaining than seeing Mark Henry in action. At Extreme Rules, with no Ziggler in sight, I believe this match will easily steal the show as I also believe Sheamus will fall to Henry when he is dragged around the ring while Henry touches all four corners and adds the Celtic Warrior’s name to the ever-expanding list of conquers like an Irish village in the Middle Ages because like Henry likes to boast…”THAT’S WHAT I DO!”



#1 CONTENDER’S- WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger (“I Quit” Match)

This match was originally scheduled to include the World Champion Dolph Ziggler in the form of a Ladder match with the title on the line, but due to a accidental concussion suffered at the hands of Swagger on Smackdown a few weeks ago, the match has been altered. Now an “I Quit” match, I can’t think of a better way to end this Swagger/ Del Rio feud. I wouldn’t mind seeing this match as a submission match, but that match ends with a tap out whereas an “I Quit” match doesn’t end until the two words the stipulation is named for. The thick, personal animosity between the Real American and the Mexican Aristocrat has reached a boiling point that only one of the most hardcore, most extreme match types ever established can truly simmer the burning glares exchanged between the two men. This match may be to decide the #1 Contender to Ziggler’s World Championship, but there is much more personal worth invested in this contest. A win will not only be earned but it will be deserved…whether it will be respected remains to be seen. I’d love to see that triple threat actually happen but I’m afraid that may have to wait until Payback, Money in the Bank, or even SummerSlam. Until then, based on pure momentum via wins on Raw and Smackdown and the fact that his opponent took the fall in the Smackdown six man main event last Friday night- I have to give this victory to Alberto Del Rio as he fights against any Pledge of Allegiance to Jack Swagger’s America and instead forcing the Founding Father’s Favorite Son to utter two words hard-working Americans can’t afford to say…



WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: John Cena vs. Ryback (Last Man Standing Match)

I have no faith in Ryback coming out of this match as WWE Champion at all- plain and simple. I’ve seen the deck stacked against The Cenation Commander many times before, and while Ryback is billed from Las Vegas, Nevada, Cena may as well be called The House because he always wins…especially at Extreme Rules. Since the Pay-Per-Views inception in 2009, John Cena has faced the Big Show (Submission), Batista (Last Man Standing), John Morrison and the Miz (Triple Threat Steel Cage), and Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules). Half of those matches were for the WWE Championship. Each one of those matches featured Cena at some kind of disadvantage, yet in each one of those matches he came out on top. The last time John Cena walked into Extreme Rules as the WWE Champion, he was defending in a Last Man Standing Match…just like this year. Though the deck may seem stacked against John Cena, he will find a way to win. Though he may be on one leg, John Cena will be the Last Man Standing



Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar (Steel Cage Match)

This feud has really run its course with me personally. This match will more than likely end the show but only because the two men who will be locked inside the cage each have at least ten years of experience and while they also carry marquee names, many fans are growing tired of this feud that has lasted nearly two years. While I am ready for this one to come to a close once and for all, I have gone back and forth on who I think could win this one. Both men hold victories over the other on separate occasions: Brock at SummerSlam and Triple H at Wrestlemania 29. On one hand, Brock Lesnar wins to send himself on a high note before (just like last year) fading out of the picture only to resurface around SummerSlam again or possibly Wrestlemania. I for one wouldn’t mind to see him follow in a vein similar to The Rock and challenge for the WWE Championship, but only if he is well enough to defend it regularly and make the appearances that a champion should on Raw or Smackdown wherever he is most comfortable (seeing as the last time he was WWE Champion, the belt was exclusive to the blue brand-primarily due to Heyman’s own cunning). On the other hand, Triple H could win and send Lesnar packing which would cause the Next Big Thing to become bitter and scornful toward the company much like he was after he lost to Cena at last year’s event. Regardless of the outcome of this match we haven’t seen the last of either man which disappoints and excites me at the same time. In the end, I have to go with my gut which is telling me that when the final bell rings, the WWE Universe will bear witness to the ultimate revelation: Brock Lesnar may be in WWE 13, but- inside the steel cage- he can’t play quite like The Game.



Thus conclude my preview and predictions. This card is action packed! It truly is MUST SEE TV. You don’t want to miss one of the hottest sets of matches in a long time. I see great entertainment coming out of this one to say the least!


WWE presents EXTREME RULES Sunday, May 19, 2013 at 8/7c only on Pay-Per-View with a free pre-show found on Yahoo, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest,  WWE.com, the WWE App, Google+, Twitter, Samsung SMART TVs, and XBOX 360.