Fantastic contrast! This has me reconsidering myself. I’m pretty sure I’m an angel, maybe a wayward angel.

Words Of Birds

-Angels dance to the idea of romance

While devils glance to button on your pants

-Angels hope you have respectful eyes

While devils need to touch the inner thigh

-Angels need to be loved for the soul

While devils search for the penetrating hole

-Angels want a promise to be made

While Devils need actions to be repaid

-Angels fly for the highest love in the sky

While devils want you to pull down their fly

-Angels goals is to know that it’s real

While devils are wondering chasing for the feel

-Angels do not know money or gain

While devils do not care at all about your pain

-Angel or devil they do not stand alone-

-a duality is certain for every human that groans-

-For every soul that is alone and sometimes a drone-

– you take you give sex and love are not alone-


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