Recently, I have felt that I have become distant to music. Not to say that I have given music the proverbial “cold shoulder,” but I haven’t been as musically inclined as I once believed myself to be. I have lost touch with the side of me that finds fuel in the lulls and roars of a good song. I maintain my disdain for live recordings, but my love of music was sharply reawakened today and I felt the consuming necessity to divulge this topic through my blog. This euphoria began as I was tuned into my Spotify account, trying to write and read poems for my Intro to Creative Writing class.  I clicked on “Bruises” by Train featuring American country singer Ashley Monroe, and the harmonies and lyrics in this song blew me away. My senses found new life through my ears. I had the kind of smile I haven’t had in a long time. (I wasn’t sad. I just didn’t know what true bliss could sound like.) In case you haven’t heard of “Bruises,” here it is on Youtube:

From “Bruises,” I considered the storytelling power behind a song like it, and how the simple sound of a song- whether the lyrics apply or not- can effect someone’s mood. I for one got into that song a little more than the lyrics probably implied I should. I hopped onto the “Train train” and listened to “Hey, Soul Sister,” 50 Ways to Say Goodbye,” and of course “Drops of Jupiter” as heard here:

I got chills listening to some of the harmonies in Train’s songs. My mind went to the way to the way Rock songs have a way to influence determination and motivation and “pump up a crowd.” No band knows how to rock out quite like one of my all-time favorites Bon Jovi

Music can be very powerful sometime even the same song can take on a whole new meaning in the helm of a different musician. Take this song, for example:

This concludes my first reflection on music. This has been Sacred Sensations of Sweet-Sounding Serenity…